Time for nation to unite

Targeting tea party groups is an ironic act on the part of the Internal Revenue Service ("Taxing the tea party," May 14). Examples of bullying tactics, corruption and neglect keeps cropping up all over the map of America. In the midst of this, why pour gasoline on emotions by labeling tea party members views as, "extremist, anti-civil rights, anti-immigration?" Snarky remarks in an editorial, however tempting, are not constructive.

We need hard core unemotional and nonpartisan journalism now more than ever.

It takes two to tango in a two-party system. Both parties are responsible for running this nation into debt, writing a tax structure that no taxpayer can understand and passing legislation without even reading it. Both parties failed to figure out how to budget our hard-earned tax dollars in a fashion that is sustainable. Both parties have been using angry rhetoric that promotes bipolar instead of bipartisan politics and renders real progress null and void. It is what promoted the latest round of stupidity and bickering known now as sequestering.

When under attack, Americans unite to defend our country and to protect our freedoms. Our freedoms and livelihood are under attack, and it is in everyone's best interest to try to remember that we are all red, white and blue. White signifies purity and innocence; red hardiness and valor; and blue stands for vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Our United States of America can and shall witness a great period of sustained recovery if and only if we collectively utilize our greatest resources, which always has been and always will be our people.

Unite citizens of America. Listen to your neighbors' point of view without denigrating it. If you don't like something suggest what you believe would be better. Play nicely together. A little bit of civility will start to fix what is broken in our society and our government in order to ensure that we are as planned — undivided with liberty and justice for all.

Virginia W. Kerr, Chestertown

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