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Government workers have been lucky

Disgruntled government workers are always free to try life in the private sector

Strangely, Stephanie B. Gibson and Heather L. Pfeifer's commentary on government employees' salaries made no mention of the three-quarter-billion-dollar deficit bomb dropped into Gov. Larry Hogan's lap by the outgoing O'Malley administration. ("Hogan's 'tax' on state workers," Feb. 19).

Nor did the writers offer any solutions that would lead readers to take their views seriously. Please stop the insanity.

I have lost two jobs during the economic downturn. Forget cost of living adjustments, pay increases, etc. The state is a service to the people. State workers should feel free to come live and struggle in private industry.

There is a budget, and governors have to balance it. There is not an endless supply of money, contrary to what most Marylanders seemed to have thought over the past eight years.

Michael Ganovski

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