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The merits of Hogan's tax cuts

Why fret if the feds benefit from a state tax cut?

According to Stuart Levine ("Gov. Hogan's tax credits based on bad math, economics," Feb. 12), reducing state taxes is not justifiable if a portion of the savings ends up going to the federal government. The logical extension of this mindset must simply be for Maryland tax forms to say: "How much profit did you make? OK, send it to Annapolis."

One can argue various merits, but his reasoning can only result in a socialist government. He has his presidential choice ready-made for such an outcome.

For example, pick Gov. Larry Hogan's proposal of reducing the corporate filing fee:

Former Gov. Robert E. Ehrlich Jr., a Republican, tripled that fee to $300; it galls me that a one-person corporation pays that same amount as Walmart. Mr. Levine cannot see that perhaps a company saving a few bucks might invest in a capital expenditure as a result?

More importantly, how about looking at the moral rationale for grabbing the money in the first place?

Robert E. Glaser, Owings Mills.

The writer is secretary of the Maryland Libertarian Party.

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