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Tarantino misguided view of police

Will Tarantino label police as murderers when one comes to his rescue?

Quentin Tarantino's current rage against the police is like the attention-getting behavior of so many other writers, actors and producers when they have something coming out for the general public's consumption ("City police union joins call to boycott Tarantino film," Nov. 6).

Let's start with Mr. Tarantino's comments. A survey came out last week showing that only 5 percent of all police shootings involved an unarmed person. Maybe Mr. Tarantino should rethink his comments and ask how many unarmed people have been killed or seriously harmed by street shootings (not police). Take, unfortunately, Baltimore as a prime example.

All of Mr. Tarantino's films have been soaked in uber-violence and, in many cases, acts of sadism. For a person who condemns "murder by murderers," as he calls the people protecting all of us, he should step back and look at the excessive messages of violence and cruelty he has sent out as film entertainment since his first critical success, "Reservoir Dogs."

Mr. Tarantino, like many of the sheltered who speak from behind gated communities, should actually be on the front lines of whatever cause or verbal teapot-stirring they have jumped into. It would be interesting if Mr. Tarantino was attacked by someone and an armed policeman came to his rescue and killed a person intent on murder. Bet he'd change his mind. Or maybe not; he'd use it in his next screenplay!

J.B. Hanson, Baltimore

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