The Sun's Ron Smith tribute is an insult

I wanted to scream after reading the editorial about Ron Smith on Friday ("The voice of reason," Nov. 25). To say The Sun's editorial board is not often in agreement with Ron in matters of politics and government is a given. Ron's ideas are reasonable and formed by basic common sense. The Sun's ideas are usually absurd, partisan and predictably wrong. To link Ron with Rush Limbaugh and Fox News is absurd — more predictable Sun style.

You were correct that he is not captive of the dogma or talking points of the right, as The Sun carries the water of the far left daily. Ron is all the things the editorial board of The Sun is not: fair, reasonable, dignified and honest. If The Sun were honest about the state of the city, state or country, it would enjoy a massive subscription increase. But it would have to reverse its pandering to President Obama, Gov. Martin O'Malley, former Mayor Sheila Dixon, and almost every failed program we have witnessed in the past 30-plus years.

Hold on Sun, the chicken are very soon coming home to roost and you might wish you had one of Ron's concealed carry weapons when it goes down. Shame on your editorial board for all of your lies. Thanks Ron for the truth.

Richard Nason, Phoenix

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