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Single-payer is best option

Health care for all? Only a single-payer plan can get us there.

The editorial, "Health care magic" (Jan. 18), offers the solution to the problems in our health care system, and it is not magic.

A single-payer national health care program would greatly simplify our health care system, provide universal coverage and lower costs for both health care providers and consumers. Other industrialized countries with national health programs have much better health care outcomes than the U.S. while spending less money on health care. Many health care providers and consumers in the U.S. support a single payer system. Canadians, who feel responsible for the well being of their fellow citizens, are perplexed by our health insurance system.

Our politicians are now willing to say that health care is a human right.

So why is this "a political non-starter" in our country? I am afraid the answer to this question is that the money from big pharmaceutical and insurance companies (which now control our health care system) has more influence on our representatives than our citizens do.

Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he won't be beholden to big money influence. I hope he will keep this promise and take the bold step of proposing a single-payer program. It is the right thing to do.

Elizabeth Carson, Columbia

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