Hogan turns back on workers

Why must Hogan stand between hardworking Marylanders and deserved sick leave?

Gov. Larry Hogan should understand that paid sick leave is not about him. He receives paid sick leave but thousands of Marylanders do not and had to work this year with the flu or risk getting fired or not making their rent ("Hogan pledges to veto sick leave, says it's 'dead on arrival,'" March 15). We want a governor who will stand up for the hard working people of this state, not just businesses who want to save a few bucks on the backs of their workers.

Of all the problems facing Maryland right now, why is Governor Hogan's priority blocking folks from getting a few sick days a year? Maybe he should travel around the state and meet some of the people coughing and sneezing through their work day, endangering their heath and that of their coworkers.

Megan Beller, Baltimore

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