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Md. secessionists should check out Ohio

Rather than secede from Maryland to form a state that represents only the conservative and libertarian political view points, I invite Scott Strzelczyk and his followers to consider moving to Ohio ("Conservative group wants liberation for western Maryland," Sept. 10).

Since taking power in 2010, Republican Gov. John Kasich and the Republican controlled state house have created exactly what Mr. Strzelczyk longs for. They have steadily cut spending on education, libraries and social services.

In a move that should set Mr. Strzelczyk's heart a-flutter, Ohio doesn't have just one gerrymanded U.S. Congressional district. They have eleven districts; all designed to either give Republican's control of the house delegation from Ohio or to contain Democratic voting blocks.

So instead of starting down a path that would lead to reduced governmental services, bad roads, de-funded schools and tax breaks for the wealthy, with a move to Ohio Mr. Strzelczyk and his supporters would enjoy and immediate immersion in his heartfelt belief that less is more without any of the fuss or muss of succession.

Of course, he would be moving to a state where the governor's two biggest accomplishments in two and half years have been redesigning the state's driver's license and license plates. But hey, Ohioans are paying his salary; they should get something for their money. Right?

Stuart Koblentz, Baltimore

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