Soldiers die for freedom while others scheme to deny voting rights

The trial of Paul Schurick is another example of how corrupt politics in this country have become. Our soldiers are overseas fighting and dying so oppressed people can gain the right to vote. After all the bloodshed in Iraq, the Iraqi people were given the ability to decide who will lead their country. Some walked tremendous distances and were so jubilant after voting, showing off their inked finger as proof that they cast a vote. And here in Maryland we have people scheming on how to stop people from voting.

What hypocrisy. What an affront to all the soldiers who fought for our freedom and who fight for freedom for others today. The higher-ups in the campaign can claim plausible deniability all they want, but that just shows the arrogance they have in thinking we don't know the real truth. The real truth is that this was not a "faux pas" or a "political mistake." It was a blatant attempt to take the freedom and right of people to cast a vote. God forbid that the political parties play by the rules.

John Wilhelm, Bel Air

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