Reforms shortchange teachers

Who will reform the misguided school reformers?

Kudos and thanks to Bonnie Bricker for her years of service and astute observations concerning school "reform" from the front line trenches as a teacher ("School reform needs reform," June 2).

In her commentary, she writes fittingly of the metamorphosis of students while lamenting the morphing of our school system into a top-down test-driven technocracy. We would do well to witness successful models in some private schools here and in other cultures and countries where teachers have more autonomy and respect.

Unfortunately, I have experienced analogous changes in medicine where doctors and nurses are becoming data entry technicians while someone upstream analyzes this sometimes faux data to tweak the system further in the wrong direction, eroding autonomy from these health care practitioners. The problem in both fields is that those who want to reform the reformers are all getting to retirement stage in their careers thus leaving a generation who may remain in the new status quo.

Clark Brill

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