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Hereford bullies [Letter]

The history of the "Hereford Zone" is widely known in Baltimore County. Growing up here, I have always heard the stories of many of the residents being bullies. I experienced it for myself last week during the Baltimore County PTA Council meeting. Several parents from Hereford High School bullied other high school parents in attendance and lobbied vigorously for their ballot to vote for the schedule resolution ("PTA Council asks Dance to delay high school schedule change," Feb. 21).

It was obvious from the presentation given by school officials and the actions of the Hereford entourage in attendance that this is a Hereford High School-only issue as the other high schools have adapted, if there were even concerns. I was extremely disappointed, but this was a common instance of Hereford High School using its bully pulpit to get what it wants. I am sure they are going to continue their quest to prove to everyone how taking math and English over the course of a full year is wrong and those classes should only be taught in a semester.

I'm sure they don't want to admit that Howard County (the highest performing school system in Maryland) has standardized high school schedules.

Laura McDowell

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