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Ryan selection forces Democrats to put up or shut up

With the selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney forces the Democrats to produce a budget of their own. It's too hot of a topic not to. They can't bury their collective heads in the sand any longer, they have to cough it up. We all know President Barack Obama doesn't like to do the figures, but now he's going to have to. This forces his hand.

My tea party group is thrilled with the selection of Mr. Ryan. We love people who can crunch the numbers. Many of us now believe this election is a showdown of the Obama vision versus the Ryan vision.

We heard President Obama say just last week that he would like to do for every failing business what he did for General Motors. We bailed GM out of a financial hole by giving them taxpayer money, and we haven't been paid back. This is what he'd like to do for every failing business. No, wait, just manufacturing.

The people with businesses have to be wondering why manufacturing gets bailed out and they don't. And, is it manufacturing of any kind? Probably not. If you manufacture sex toys, I doubt even President Obama would have the courage to come charging over the hill to save your business. That means the government will decide what businesses are worthy of saving and which ones aren't. Government will have the say, and keep in mind that they need a lot of contributions to remain in power.

On the other side of the ring, we have Paul Ryan who proposes to cut corporate tax rates. Many liberals will no doubt scream at that, but he also plans to eliminate loopholes. Again, taking the control of who succeeds and who fails out of the hands of the government. Mr. Ryan's plan doesn't take money from anyone and hand it to anyone else. It allows business owners to keep a specific amount of what they've earned so they can plan on that as an expense.

The President's plan isn't contingent on the amount of revenue a company can bring in, it is simply tied to the whims of the president and his advisers. A company can make nothing, like Solyndra did, and if the president sees fit, he can grant them an enormous sum of money. That is how all these big contributions from corporations come about. The Wall Street Occupiers should be all over this, but they're too busy busting windows.

If the next phase of the Obama-Biden campaign is just another version of Mr. Romney hasn't paid any taxes, but we can't seem to get the IRS to prosecute him, or Mr. Romney killed a woman by infecting her with cancer years after he left Bain Capital, then we'll know the Democrats are gutless. If they put forward a budget for everyone to discuss, then finally we might have both sides engaged in the debate.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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