'It's a Wonderful Life': Subversive propaganda

As someone who has seen and fallen under the spell of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” I think J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI was right to see the movie as “a Trojan horse sneaking anti-American propaganda to the masses” (“Why 'It's a Wonderful Life' matters,” Dec. 21). There is little doubt that the character of Mr. Potter played by Lionel Barrymore was an affront to all bankers and very insulting to the plutocrats.

But maybe worst of all was the end of the film when the members of the Bedford Falls community came together against the wishes of Mr. Potter and raised the money to prevent a takeover of George Bailey’s loan company. Imagine if millions of filmgoers realized that by bonding together the oligarchs could be beaten back.

Of course, the plutocrats are not in a panic. The Republican members of Congress have never seen the Frank Capra classic; otherwise, they never would have voted for the tax bill.

To be safe, perhaps it is time to ban “It’s a Wonderful Life” so we can be sure that the Republican members of Congress don’t fall for its subversive message. Imagine the dangers to this country if Congress passed legislation which helps the George Baileys of the world. We can’t accept such a peculiar notion. Let Mr. Potter and the donor class steer Congress in the right direction.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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