In praise of wind turbines

The public is currently being treated to an organized, partisan propaganda campaign against the establishment of a wind farm off the Maryland coast (“Ocean City finds wind turbines too gauche,” Feb. 6). I would like to offer a few words in praise of wind turbines. They are stately, gently turning in the mildest of zephyrs, blades rotating silently, producing clean electric power for little or no cost once erected.

Despite a recent fossil-fueled, partisan screed from Eastern Shore Del. Chris Adams, whose Maryland League of Conservation Voters score is a whopping 13 percent, and a like Republican outbreak of partisan hives from Ocean City’s mayor and city council (“Delegate: Protect Ocean City’s scenic Atlantic view,” Jan. 17), I think most folks including the Republican rank and file will soon come to believe a bit of native American wisdom which ought to be our bottom line. To paraphrase: Wisdom will come when folks realize that you cannot breathe money.

Our country is so far behind the curve in terms of renewable energy that it is not only dangerous, but a sin and a scandal that a handful of oily money bags who are the Republican donors or are members of the cesspool cabinet appointed by Donald Trump are actively attempting to thwart the nation’s attempt to rid itself of the bane of fossil fuel pollution. There remains in this country large untapped reserves of wind, hydroelectric and geo-thermal potential. We should learn from the many countries outstripping us in renewable energy instead of heeding feckless politicians who continue to wallow in the fossil fuel pig sty.

Donald Singleton, Mardela Springs

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