What do women's breasts and wind turbines have in common?

The answer, it would appear to me, is that the Ocean City Maryland City Council doesn't oppose them but just doesn't want to see either. (“Ocean City finds wind turbines too gauche,” Feb. 6 and “OC officials: The boobies are coming!,” June 13).

I'm not sure how the community at large feels about the topless issue, but it's been made clear that the community, and the majority from around the state, are in favor of the offshore wind projects and that they would not have a negative impact on tourism or property values. The three recent polls showing this support are by Goucher College, OpinionWorks and Gonzales Research & Media.

Additionally, the wind farms would provide long term, career level jobs.

It seems to me that the Ocean City Maryland City Council is off base in their reactionary opposition to the offshore wind turbines. They claim they want to "compromise" with the developers, but maybe they just don't know the definition of compromise. Typically it's an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. The developers have made concessions. What concessions have been made by the City Council, and who exactly are they representing when the polls so clearly show the majority are in favor of the projects?

Maryland needs the jobs associated with these projects.

Paige Davey, Cockeysville

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