With BCPS superintendent, don't make same mistake

The Baltimore County Board of Education is faced with making a critical and crucial decision — again. As much as I recognize many of Verletta White's accomplishments, let's not make the same mistake as was done hiring Dallas Dance as superintendent in Baltimore County (“What about Baltimore County schools leader Verletta White’s consulting work?” March 8).

Ms. White's integrity cannot be based on her pledge to serve children. A pledge is someone's word. Let's look at action. Income was not reported with the excuse that the forms and process were confusing. One of the ways teachers serve children is to urge them to ask for help when confused. Ms. White failed to ask for help.

Knowing that the Baltimore County school board admonished Mr. Dance for an ethics violation, Ms. White still followed suit. Ms. White's talents as a dedicated educator and her pledge to serve children might better be realized as a classroom teacher, or Baltimore County will have another failure to learn from.

W. Rogers, Baltimore

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