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Sessions stuck to his values; will Whitaker?

Mathew Whitaker, the acting attorney general, should enjoy his few minutes of fleeting fame as it will not last long ("Whitaker may have violated group’s tax-exempt status,” Nov. 12). As with others in the past, President Donald Trump brings in someone to do his dirty work — to fire or restrict special counsel Robert Mueller — which he doesn’t have the guts to do himself, and then dumps them. Basically, Mr. Whitaker is a true “yes man” with grand expectations for fame in the Trump administration.

From all the recent articles, President Trump must know Mr. Whitaker has more problems then the old Edsel but will try to use him while he can. You have to ask yourself, “Where is Matthew Whitaker’s head in dealing with President Trump?” At least Jeff Sessions was honest in dealing with President Trump and stood by his beliefs and morals. Those are two things Mr. Whitaker seems to lack in his quest for recognition.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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