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Why are we applauding weapons contractors?

It was with great disappointment that I read “Maryland firms at Paris Air Show” (June 20). Two of Maryland’s largest corporations, Lockheed Martin and Textron Systems, are in France peddling killing machines. And Gov. Larry Hogan was tagging along.

What is most galling to me in the article is the term “defense contractors.” These corporations are making a profit from causing death and destruction in foreign countries. They are not protecting us, but rather their weapons are making us less safe. Killing people only creates more enemies.

Also disturbing was to read this euphemism “payload.” This payload is actually a missile, and these killer drone strikes continue to kill civilians. Drone strikes are inherently illegal as the victims never have a chance to question the “evidence” before being assassinated.

The governor applauds Textron Systems for creating jobs, ignoring what its products do. The drug trade creates jobs, but this does not justify its activities. I can’t wait until the next election so I can vote against Mr. Hogan. I really hope the next governor promotes life-giving and eco-friendly corporations, rather than war contractors.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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