Young's water billing plan doesn't add up

City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young's commentary, “A 'more just water system' in Baltimore" (Dec. 18), was amazing in its lack of logic and extreme-liberal position. Obviously, the president of the Baltimore City Council is concerned about the cost of publicly-supplied water, especially for those who have "low incomes."

His suggestion that water bills be capped "at no more than three percent of household income" would seem to help those who have low household incomes, but how will those households think about how they should use a limited resource knowing that their bills will not be affected by their usage? How will the water system distribute the costs not covered by the 3 percent limit to other water users? And why does Mr. Young think that making new billing considerations and the distribution of credits will reduce the significant billing problems of the Baltimore water system?

Obviously, Baltimore needs to elect people to its council who can more rationally (and less politically) think about government issues.

David Griggs, Columbia

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