Recognize rights of a 'fetal individual'

Mark and Gwen Wallen (“Parents seek to widen law on fetal homicide,” Jan. 30) have my support in their just effort to have state legislators define, in law, a fetus as a human being — contrary to a recent letter writer’s opinion (“A fetus is not the same as a child,” Feb. 3) that the fetus is not a human being. Granted, scientifically and linguistically, “fetus” and “child” denote different stages of human life. However, in the course of wholesome human understanding and parental yearning, moms and dads — in loving relationship — hope, plan, and act to have a child, a human being who will carry their DNA, bear their name, and receive their inheritance.

These moms and dads have no paralyzing fear nor wildest imagination that the fetus that they’ve procreated will, post partum, become a pedigreed puppy, a cute panda, or a prized race horse. Once the cells contributed by the biological parents achieve individuation, a unique and precious individual is preordained to be a human being with a human body, mind, and soul. This individual is not merely a part of the female’s tissue nor exclusively her body. The fetal individual, with a distinctive personality in process, is an alive creature to whom even the U.S. Constitution should guarantee life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Each human person, I believe, has a God-given right to life (whether or not a constitution exits) because God, who is love, is the divine creator of life who eternally shares love and life with us. And, try as we might, as atheist or as believer, we can never bring into existence the original, elemental matter that begets life. In mental sanity, in moral goodness, and in loving spirit, human beings do their best — and, let’s admit, prove their longings to live in view of death — to protect, nurture, celebrate, and respect life after conception and unto natural death.

With sincere sympathy for the loss of their daughter and unborn grandchild, I laud the decision of Mark and Gwen Wallen to advocate for fetal rights. I urge lawmakers to swift action in this case.

Carol Czyzewski

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