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Don't support same-day voter registration in Md.

Maryland should vote no on Question 2, the constitutional amendment authorizing same-day voter registration on election day. It’s too expensive and too unsafe. The cost for this bill, which was slipped in last minute, could be in the millions of dollars. Do you want your taxes raised to add one more day of voter registration when you can already register to vote on nearly 700 of the 730 days in the two-year election cycle (“For Question 2,” Oct. 17)?

The cost for this "on voting day registration" is astronomical, as well as very unsafe. We already had hackers knocking on our election site doors last time around. Due to our diligent "closed" system, they could not get in. Do you really think that hooking up thousands upon thousands of voting locations to the "open" internet to register voters on election day will be safe? I think this will open us up to voter hacking from anywhere in the world.

Keep our elections safe. Vote no on 2.

Andrew Butler, Ellicott City

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