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Baltimore needs an anti-violence summit

I read with great sadness about the lives cut short by violence on the streets of Baltimore every day (“Recent homicide victims in Baltimore include mother of bullied boy, bartender at Ryleigh's,” June 14). The Sun reports about the important efforts by various individuals and groups working each day to try to make a dent in this terrible bloodshed. Every effort seems to be a drop in the bucket when considering the steady march of violence reported on these pages.

We have in Baltimore tremendous brain power through the vast resources of world renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and The University of Maryland Medical Center, as well as several excellent universities and colleges; dedicated public servants at the city, state and federal level; world class non-governmental organizations such as Catholic Relief Services and Lutheran World Services, to name a couple; dedicated community organizations, public safety members and religious clergy and most of all our ever resilient and committed citizens. Why not organize a Baltimore wide summit on violence, perhaps led by our truly engaged Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen, that would have national prominence involving the far reaching talents of these stakeholders to examine strategies to prevent, manage and curb the growing violence in our beloved city? Such a summit could be supported by the dedicated philanthropic individuals and organizations within Baltimore that have been engaged in elevating this city over the years. If such a fantasy were to become reality, imagine what could be learned through the synergies of all these forces working together and the energy projected as a national model of what could happen when a city truly comes together to address the homeland security issue of violence on our streets.

Dr. Stuart R. Varon, Baltimore

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