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Under Armour wrong to be oppressing women

I was shocked to hear that Under Armour had until recently allowed their employees to charge strip club visits to expense accounts (“Report: Women question Under Armour culture that until recently allowed employees to expense strip club visits,” Nov. 5). As the article states, the #MeToo movement is so globalized these days and supported by many feminists, I cannot imagine how enraged they are by this situation.

Feminism supports the idea that women, like men, are people too. Feminists believe in the social, political and economic equality of sexes. There have been many different waves of feminism throughout the years that have contributed to women obtaining the same rights as men. Getting the right to vote, having equal opportunities in education and employment and females becoming what they want to be have all come out of the different waves of feminism.

The article also stated that women were invited to an “annual company event based on their attractiveness to appeal to male guests.” Feminists have fought too hard and too long to be oppressed by men like this. With the #MeToo movement being so prevalent in societies all around the world, I would have never expected a huge company like Under Armour to support these anti-feminist behaviors.

Jenna Carey

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