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Trump has no heart

When asked by a reporter if he would call Bill and Hillary Clinton or Barack and Michelle Obama after bombs had been sent to them, President Donald Trump replied: “I think I will probably pass." In discussing the murders at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, President Trump suggested that they may have been prevented if a security guard had been present (“Trump calls Pittsburgh synagogue attack ‘evil’ anti-Semitism, suggests armed guard could have prevent violence,” Oct. 28).

Mr. Trump displayed utter disdain and a total lack of respect by not canceling one of his disgusting hate-filled political rallies on the same day that 11 of our fellow Jewish citizens were gunned down while at their place of worship. Mr. Trump delivered some consoling words when he read from a teleprompter the text prepared by a staff member. He is a man with no heart. We have never had to endure having a president who is so emotionally stunted.

The current president is unable to convey compassion or solace to a hurting nation. He has no interest in placing significant regulations on gun ownership as it might alienate his base, so we can expect the needless killings to continue. He has no intention of keeping our country safe.

President Trump’s idea of helping those in dire need was perfectly captured when he threw rolls of paper towels to the people of Puerto Rico who survived a disastrous hurricane. It would be unwise to expect much better from a man who never applied for a job in his life. He has no humility and he places no value on the truth. He is a callous fraud posing as a leader. We will expect much more from our next president.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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