Something really wrong inside this White House

I am greatly concerned that everyone seems to want to "get" the person who wrote the op-ed to The New York Times regarding the Trump administration, but no one is disputing the op-ed’s contents of what's going on the Trump White House (“Anonymous op-ed regarding president should horrify us all,” Sept. 6). Does this mean everything in the op-ed is true? If so, then the Republican Party needs to step up and do something or else we Republicans will leave the party in full force.

What is going on in America, where years ago President Ronald Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down.” In America of 2018, we are building a wall. This is not what I call “Making America Great Again,” it's making America like the old Soviet Union. There is genuinely something wrong when one day a book comes out about the dysfunctional White House and the very next day an anonymous op-ed reiterating its claims is in a major newspaper. With President Donald Trump calling the person "gutless" and then calling for an investigation into the person, our president seems to truly believe he can give orders to the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Americans. Meanwhile, he lets Vladimir Putin lie and then says he believes the Russian dictator over our intelligence agencies.

It would not surprise me if President Trump himself wrote the op-ed just to shine the light on someone else and blame the "fake news" and blame the "deep state.” None of these terms existed prior to Mr. Trump so one can say he created them in order to justify his campaign? Seems every time something comes out against Mr. Trump, he makes sure something is brought up to distract from what he has done wrong again.

While the White House is trying to figure out "who done it," let's talk about whether or not this is really going on in the White House and, if so, what are we as a country going to do about it?

Stanley Mason, Joppa

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