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Trump's proposal to dump immigrants in sanctuary cities would only help Baltimore

How ironic it is that the editorial “If undocumented can be bused to S.F., what might be shipped to red states?” (Apr. 15) comes out on federal income tax day. It mentions San Francisco as one of President Donald Trump’s targeted sanctuary cities, and it’s hard to think of a more deserving place to house illegal aliens. The good news is that it would help to replenish the population that has fled to low cost and low tax states like Texas. In Texas, they can afford a home that would be impossible in California, plus have a higher standard of living as taxes do not decimate their paychecks as in California.

As a sanctuary city, Baltimore could also profit handsomely from an influx of illegal aliens to stem the tide of a shrinking population that has been going on for many decades. Imagine the status of adding a few hundred thousand extra people to the city, all federally funded. Places that now look like Third World war zones could be leveled and resurrected as detention centers. The able-bodied detainees could be paid to dismantle abandoned buildings by the thousands, clearing out the growing surplus of empty homes that has been a problem for generations. Tending to the needs of so many people would be a boom to the economy as they would require food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education and other services.

Could this be the quickest way to turn Baltimore around and rapidly grow the economy? The city could become a magnet for illegal aliens from across the globe as people flock to a town that welcomes everyone with open arms. Amazing diversity could be achieved, especially as the new residents cultivate the political power that comes from a strong and united population. In the past hundred years, there have been large waves of Italians, Greeks, Germans, Polish and others that have enriched Baltimore greatly, so is there not room for many more to join in?

Dan Crumpler

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