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Press is unfair to Trump? That's a laugh

In response to Gail Householder’s letter to the editor, “Reporters are the bullies” (Nov. 15), accusing the press of being unfair to President Donald Trump, I would say: “Are you joking?”

This president has told well over 5,000 lies to the American people during his brief presence in the White House. He has denigrated the late Sen. John McCain, an American hero and member of his own party. He has insulted leaders of our strongest allies. He has cozied up to dictators around the world. He has shown his ignorance of economics by insisting that China is paying us billions of dollars in tariffs when it is the American companies and by extension the American people paying this money. He has shown that he is the worst deal maker of all time and has made us stand alone in all the world as a denier of the (at least) partial causes of climate change. This is in addition to calling every story that doesn’t praise this egotistical, narcissistic, thin-skinned liar as being “fake news.”

Should the press not take him to task for all of his deception?

By the way, in hopes of getting this published, I have only scratched the beginning of the surface of all of his despicable behavior.

Jon Jacobson, Ruxton

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