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Trump, rough edges and all, better than 'normal'

Jules Witcover pines for “a return to normal governance” once President Donald Trump leaves office (“Witcover: Trump underestimated Nancy Pelosi,” Dec. 17). I do not. While President Trump clearly has some rough edges, I do not miss the “normal” that preceded him and may well return when he leaves.

I do not miss the failure to control our borders. I do not miss leaving our military to degrade from neglect. I do not miss our supporting a United Nations that primarily busies itself with slapping Israel while ignoring shameless human rights abuses around the world. I do not miss stuffing airplanes filled with pallets of cash for our “friends” in Iran. I do not miss “acting presidential” rather than saying what needs to be said — to the press, Congress, political leaders and heads of other nations.

In sum, I’ll take who we have now — warts and all — rather than return to “normal.”

L. Eskowitz, Baltimore

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