Will op-ed stir conservatives from their Trump slumber?

K. Ward Cummings (“Anonymous op-ed regarding president should horrify us all,” Sept. 6) is exactly right. The part he failed to speculate on is that the Republican Congress is being run by the most extremist wing of that party — the religious right and the gun lobby — both of which have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for a free reign over all of their life long legislative objectives. As long as “crazy Donald” continues to sign their bills, they will continue to do everything they can to keep the festivities going.

It doesn’t matter to them that President Donald Trump is a womanizer even at a time the country is in the midst of a “me too” movement that has caused other famous people and elected officials to leave office. It doesn’t matter to them that he demonizes everything once considered sacred if it fits his vindictive rages. It doesn’t matter to them that he caters to the worst elements of our society. It doesn’t bother them that he continues to drive wedges of exclusion in our society that will remain long after he is gone. It doesn’t matter to them that he continuously lies. It doesn’t matter to them that he meets with and elevates the world’s most violent dictators and envisions himself as being one of them. It doesn’t even bother them that he does so with no witnesses in the room.

The cabal in the house is even willing to go along with firing Robert Mueller and allow all of the criminals he has already uncovered to have “get out of jail free” cards just to preserve the status quo.

Unlike liberal critics of the president, I do like the Trump bounce in the stock market, I think the tax cuts were heavy handed toward the rich, and I like the increased border security. But I won’t sell my soul to have the parts I like.

I can only hope once they get their long-desired Supreme Court justice seated, the zealots will come to their senses and take action to restore civility in our government by doing their job and removing this blot on our country’s history. If half of what was in that editorial is true, the man should not be followed around by a football that could destroy the planet!

Steven Davidson, New Windsor

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