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Trump is lying about the Iran nuclear deal

The article "Trump planning to decertify Iran nuclear deal, insiders say" (Oct. 6) describes factually incorrect remarks made by President Donald Trump about Iran. He falsely stated that the deal was "not in the interest of the United States" when, in fact, it has helped to bring us peace instead of war as well as many economic benefits. Recently, Boeing Co. announced a $16 billion sale of commercial airplanes to Iran, providing thousands of high paying American jobs.

Next, Mr. Trump blames Iran for "terrorism and instability throughout the Middle East." Actually, Iran is our very important ally in the fight against the international terrorist group ISIS, while the primary cause of instability in the region continues to be Israel's brutal occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.

Former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq Scott Ritter wrote a book titled "Target Iran" in which he states "The same lies that were told about Iraqi WMDs are now being told about Iran, and if the U.S. does go to war in Iran, it will have been a war created in one place: Israel.” Finally, respected professor Stephen Walt wrote "A number of hard-line individuals and groups in the Israel lobby remain staunch opponents of the sensible 2016 nuclear deal with Iran and may eventually help convince President Trump or the Congress to overturn it."

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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