The Sun parrots Trump's dehumanizing immigration rhetoric

I am disappointed and a little bit nauseated to read your uncritical use of the dehumanizing, racist, and ad hoc term "chain migration" “Chain migration didn't light the New York pipe bomb,” Dec. 13). The current administration has invented this phrase to describe the well-established, humane, ethical, stability-building and nationally enriching family-based immigration policy. If you must quote those people by citing the race-baiting provocations they use, then for Pete's sake, use quotation marks and attribution. What's next: uncritically accepting and repeating their new definition of the storied Baltimore Sun and professional journalism in general as "fake news"?

If you won't roll over and accept scurrilous delegitimization on your own behalf (and of course you shouldn't), then please don't accept it in describing either defined policy or the most vulnerable, most committed, and newest Americans.

Abigail Breiseth, Baltimore

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