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It's official: Trump is a global embarrassment

Having just watched President Donald Trump's joint news conference with U.K Prime Minister Theresa May, one has to wonder how long world leaders will ignore his ham-handed attempts at manipulation which consist of scorching criticism followed by a gushing side-by-side love-fest with the world leader du jour (“President Trump: Relations with Theresa May ‘strong’ after bombshell interview,” July 13).

President Trump has met few global leaders who he has not branded with a scornful, disparaging nickname — only to describe those leaders soon after a meeting or press conference as smart, talented, great personality, tough negotiator, etc, ad nauseum. Other obvious trending Trumpisms? His complete and utter lack of humility when extolling his own perceived accomplishments.

Then there is his ongoing battle with the news media, or rather some news media. In the United Kingdom, he disparaged an NBC reporter for having the temerity to ask a tough question, characterizing it as "dishonest reporting" and the ever-popular fake news. It was a question, Mr. President, not a news report. He refused to take a question from a CNN reporter, calling CNN "worse than NBC." He then called on reporter John Roberts of Fox News, saying "let's go to a real network."

Mr. Trump's praise of Fox News has been widely noted to the extent that he reportedly consults with Fox on-air personnel to provide guidance. If Fox isn't state-run television, it is headed in that direction. Perhaps, we ought to wonder about possible Trump financial ties to the network. But then, there are those darn unrevealed tax returns.

For me, this president has produced more cringe-worthy moments than all of the previous presidents in my lifetime. I am embarrassed.

Arthur Lapenotiere, Westminster

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