GOP tax cut coal in our stockings

I am writing to express my outrage about the Republican tax bill. It is shameful. It was written on a secretive, partisan basis and raises questions about the motivations for passing such a bill (“Alternative Facts of the Week: GOP tax bill edition,” Dec. 14). It is touted as a “Christmas present” to the middle class. This is quite insulting. This bill favors large corporations, wealthy elites, large donors to Republican politicians, and President Donald Trump himself. The impoverished, the working class and the middle class are done a disservice by this bill.

Donald Trump’s “Christmas present,” how stupid does he think we are?

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is quite unfortunate. This means many individuals will decide to go without insurance, and without the premiums they pay, the costs will increase for others.The bill makes tax cuts for individuals and families temporary, expiring at the end of 2025. Corporate tax cuts are permanent. This speaks volumes about the priorities of our lawmakers. And please, do not tell me about trickle-down economics. That theory has been disproven time and again. The $1.5 trillion-dollar increase in the deficit this bill creates flies in the face of the traditional Republican commitment to lowering or eliminating our debt. I fear that those who struggle financially will pay for this with cuts to a wide range of vital services, starting with Medicaid and Medicare. This bill is a slap in the face to the American people and instead a Christmas gift to Republican donors, large corporations, wealthy individuals, and of course, Donald Trump.

John Hutchinson, Parkton

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