Legal system too soft on criminals

I totally agree with the commentary in the December 17, Baltimore Sun by Baltimore Interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle (“Baltimore police interim commissioner: Judges must stop letting violent criminals go,” Dec. 14).

We have not shown strength in the legal system by releasing tried criminals back out onto the street to do it all over again, and often worse than their first or second offense.

I am tired of hearing about innocent children and adults being shot.

I feel that the penalty for the perpetrator who takes another person’s life is to give up their life on earth, not to live it out in prison or be released back onto the streets of Baltimore to do it again. This may seen cold, harsh and heartless, but far too many good people are being killed with no consequence to the convicted perpetrator.

Let us use the “KISS” method. All of us do best when we have a parameter of behavioral limits (rules), consequences (for breaking a rule), and rewards (for living by the rules) no matter what the social situation might be. Five rules, three consequences, and the rewards (well they could be too many to list). Let’s just go with one.

Consistency modifies behavior.

Janice Krach, Towson

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