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Sick leave law is a hot mess right now

The Democratically-controlled Maryland General Assembly opened its 2018 legislative session with one and only one goal in mind — override Gov. Larry Hogan's veto of their Maryland Healthy Working Families Act — and they were successful (“Maryland to require paid sick leave with Senate override of Hogan veto,” Jan. 12). They could care less how flawed the legislation was, what the negative impact would be on small businesses or what the governor had proposed as a compromise. All they wanted to do was override a Republican governor’s veto.

Now, those same Democrats are going to try and correct all the flawed aspects of their bill and even delay its implementation as they try to correct it (“Governor creates new office in response to paid sick leave,” Jan. 15). I hope there are follow-up stories on the final outcome of the changes, how many small businesses remain at under 15 employees, how many small businesses convert full-time employees to part-time, and how many businesses close their operations.

Richard T. Webb, Parkton

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