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Four ways to end the government shutdown

Some 800,000 Federal employees should not have to act like responsible adults while our political leaders play legislative chicken.

There are many ways to resolve this impasse. Here are just a few suggestions:

President Donald Trump could sign an executive order making the border wall part of the Interstate Highway System. This would allow using Highway Trust Funds to help build the wall by reducing the priority for rebuilding bridges and crumbling roads in the 50 states.

Or, the president could raid the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for the wall, using money contributed by illegal aliens who will never be able to qualify for payments. Hence, foreigners would actually be paying for the wall.

Or, the parties could agree to borrow another $5 billion from China and other nations and let our children and grandchildren pay for it later.

Or, Congress could simply appropriate $5 billion for the wall with the stipulation that an environmental review is required. Mr. Trump would get his money for the wall and the rest of us would be assured that the money would never actually be spent. A real bipartisan solution.

William P. Miller, Catonsville

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