Shea is the 'intelligent' and 'decent' choice

I was a Jim Shea fan long before Monday’s televised debate (“In Maryland’s ‘I’m the only candidate who...’ debate, here’s one real distinction,” May 22). I first met him when he was a law student at the University of Virginia in the mid-1970’s. For several years, I was a partner in the Venable firm, so I believe I know him better than most.

When Mr. Shea announced his candidacy, I visited his website and reviewed his credentials and decided that his experience is perfect for the job of Maryland’s governor. His combination of business experience and significant involvement in state and city public service is unmatched by the other candidates vying for the job. While the format of the recent forum didn’t give any of the candidates a chance to really shine, Jim came across as what he is — an intelligent, decent, thoughtful and considerate man. That is just what we as a nation need now.

Tom Hudson, Gambrills

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