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Both buildings and curriculum important when it comes to school funding

I appreciate my fellow activists and officials addressing the need for more funding for Baltimore County Public Schools and other school systems (“Maryland commission considers $4.4B increase to school funding, but advocates worry its work is too slow,” Dec. 6). It is true it is not an either or choice — building replacements or increased findings for curriculum, teachers and technologies (“Four things to keep in mind about the Kirwan Commission's $4.4 billion education plan,” Dec. 10). I have watched the board of education for almost two decades, and the priority is to have a dedicated, knowledgeable and caring superintendent and central office. Their experience and know-how should help us prioritize.

If you saw the public schools which I graduated from in the land far away, you would be amazed how dilapidated they were. Supportive families, dedicated quality teachers and a capable and wise superintendent were all that we needed. All the foreign graduates that come to America and make up a large section of our discoveries, services and innovations did not make it here in the USA because they had modern buildings.

I trust and hope the board of education will come up with a balanced formula, like Goldilocks, just right.

Bash Pharoan

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