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We need to know more about Salmon's refusal to approve White as superintendent

Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon has said no again to the appointment of Verletta White as superintendent of schools in Baltimore County. The county board of education, instead of asking Ms.Salmon for a complete briefing as well as learning from their past mistakes, wants to approve the appointment (“Baltimore County school board will seek clarification on superintendent hiring authority,” Nov. 10).

Ms. Salmon is not just saying no to be oppositional. Her decision is based on facts. So, I am very curious to know the facts. Is one of the facts that Ms. White violated an ethics rule? Was another fact that as chief academic officer the county she rolled out a new curriculum which failed to meet Maryland State academic standards? I would like to learn more from Ms. Salmon. Keep searching or “no again” will happen again.

W. Rogers, Baltimore

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