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Fantasies of Russian collusion weren't true

The editorial page writers for The Sun must be crying themselves to sleep tonight.

After two years of gleefully publishing rumors, double hearsay and undisclosed source gossip, much of which was not true, The Sun faces the grim reality that their fantasies of Russian collusion are apparently false.

Normally, such a finding would be a cause of celebration since this would spare the country of a harmful and divisive impeachment proceeding. But there is no celebrating with The Sun “Never-Trumpers.” Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words in his second inaugural of “ .. with malice towards none, with charity for all..” fall on deaf ears.

Instead, we are given a rehash of Mr. Mueller’s convictions and guilty pleas, none of which have anything to do with any alleged Trump-Russia collusion (“The Mueller report is in, but questions about Trump go on and on,” Mar. 25). Even more outrageous is The Sun’s claimed recital of the so-called undisputed facts. Conspicuously absent from this list of facts is any mention of Hillary Clinton’s campaign hiring the opposition research firm GPS Fusion with campaign money laundered through a Democratic Party law firm to do a hit job on Mr. Trump. GPS Fusion then turned the dossier of material over to the FBI to form a basis for FISA Court spying warrants.

Numerous acts by the FBI, the Obama Department of Justice, and Obama appointees both before and after the election have given rise to a legitimate claim that the entire Trump-Russia collusion story was a hoax. Of course, these must be “alternative facts” in The Sun world. Assuming the Attorney General Barr summary is accurate (and there is little reason to believe otherwise given the intense scrutiny it has and will receive), numerous important institutions have been substantially damaged by the Russia collusion affair.

Certainly, the Trump presidency and possibly future presidencies have been damaged. Can any future president-elect or candidate have contact with another country and risk being called a traitor or spy? The FBI and Department of Justice have had their credibility shattered not only by the harsh criticism of Mr. Trump, but by their own misconduct. The biggest loser, however, is the national media, including The Sun. Contrary to Mr. Trump’s claims, the press is not the enemy of the people. However, throughout this whole episode, the press has been the enemy of integrity and the truth. That reputation will take years to bring back, if it ever can be.

Robert C. Erlandson, Columbia

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