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Don't be so quick to convict Roy Moore

I read the editorial regarding Roy Moore with total fascination, yet I wonder what moral authority created it (“Roy Moore, Donald Trump and the end of all Republican moral authority,” Dec. 5). First, Bill Clinton wasn’t impeached for the Monica Lewinsky affair but for the criminal offenses of perjury and obstruction of justice.The media also did everything in its power to minimize the impeachment and affair, both in reporting and opinion pieces. In fact, Mr. Clinton had been accused not only of abuse of women, but also assault, sexual assault and rape. In fact, anyone making a claim was viciously attacked by both the Clinton campaign and the media.

Republicans are well known for policing their own, and I think the Democrats, the media and the Republican leadership were banking on it. There are a lot of considerations in evaluating the claims, and they appeared not only weak, but the information to Judge Moore’s behalf, developments refuting the claims and even discrepancies with any proof, were not reported. Sexual harassment, abuse or morality for that matter isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, elections or office holders that will encumber other ones with moral thought, it is about right and wrong.

The fear factor with Judge Roy Moore? He is not a political fool and refuses to become a political victim which is a modern day perversion in itself.

Michael W. Kohlman, Parkville

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