What The Sun leaves out when it talks about Donald Trump

Dan Rodricks’ ad nauseam attacks on President Donald Trump have become — nauseating. In a recent column, he continued to bash President Trump (“More than guns, WalkoutWednesday is about the future of the country,” March 13). Let’s review the facts after one year in office.

Under President Trump, there has been a record setting stock market, over $18 trillion in new wealth, tax cuts for over 90 percent of Americans, over 300 companies returned from overseas, Apple returns to United States with $350 billion investment, over 3 million new jobs, Chrysler is moving from Mexico to Michigan, 22 regulations removed for every new one and unemployment at an 18-year low. Meanwhile, Black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest ever recorded, female unemployment is at an 18-year low, applications for unemployment are at a 45-year low, ISIS is devastated and in hiding, there’s oil drilling in Alaska, the president is renegotiating lopsided trade deals, and the Obamacare mandate is gone. There’s also been over 3 percent GDP growth every quarter, consumer confidence is at an 18-year high and Mr. Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and facilitated an unprecedented meeting with North Korean president Kim Jung Un.

Facts can really be irritating. Can’t they, Mr. Rodricks?

Tommy Lynn, Abingdon

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