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Baltimore residents deserve more information on rising water rates

It seems that Baltimore government never learns from past problems (“Plan would raise Baltimore water rates over next three years, offer poor residents help with monthly bills,” Nov. 29).

Last year, as in years before, many Baltimore residents faced the loss of their homes due to their inability to pay water bills or massive problems with the billing system. The new increase of the water bills will be devastating to many families despite all the precautions and breaks on the bills of low income residents. Much pain and anger will result.

Is there no ability in the administration to think outside the box in funding the water system? There must be future planning programs and a budget to show when major projects need to be undertaken to upgrade the system and required funding. To raise the water rate 30 percent in three years is ridiculous. How much money will a 9 percent yearly raise provide to the upgrade of the system per year? You would think the administration would provide this information to justify the large raise per year. Then what happens after the three year plan? Probably another large raise. Where will the water system be in three years as far as upgrades? Just keeps escalating forever.

Are there other sources for the funding? State, federal or cutting back on other programs less critical than water availability. Lord knows this city can waste money. Show us the plans for the future and convince the residents of Baltimore you have a handle on the problem as opposed to just acting willy-nilly as the administration is so prone to do most of the time. This is just another case, like finding a new police commissioner, where hiding information from the residents of the city is just normal. Be open and honest and maybe you will be surprised by the people of Baltimore in their understanding.

Stas Chrzanowski

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