Renewable energy plan is working in Md.

The commentary, “Two clean energy bills in Md.; one clear choice” (March 4), fails to recognize the success of Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. Lawrence Livermore Laboratories recently concluded that in 2016, 70-90 percent of the renewable capacity added to the Mid-Atlantic was installed because of renewable portfolio standards. Almost all of the new renewable energy being built is wind and solar power.

If you look at the renewable energy credits that have been given to facilities built after the Renewable Portfolio Standard was created, 95 percent have gone to wind and solar. When we increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard, we increase wind and solar. The Clean Energy Jobs Act would not only expand renewable energy in Maryland to 50 percent by 2030, it would also ensure that burning trash no longer counts as a source of renewable energy. Reducing trash incineration will mean fewer Marylanders will suffer from health problems caused by dirty air.

For more than a decade, Maryland’s renewable portfolio standard has been successful in driving tremendous expansions of wind and solar energy. This year, lawmakers should build on past success and pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

Jamie DeMarco, Baltimore

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