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Redmer should give the money back

The Sun's recent story about Republican Baltimore County executive candidate Al Redmer Jr.'s campaign contributions, “In Baltimore County executive race, Democrats claim Redmer has accepted campaign donations from insurance-related sources” (Oct. 11) has me worried.

Simply put, money in politics is dangerous. We've seen what happens in Towson when special interests have over-sized influence. Imagine what could happen if not just developers but insurance companies, also have that undue amount of power.

What’s ridiculous is for Mr. Redmer’s campaign to simply dismiss the charge that over $50,000 in donations came from companies and individuals associated with the insurance industry just because it was initially raised by Del. Pat McDonough in the Republican primary. Either his campaign made honest mistakes when it took the money or he’s just trying to take an advantage of a loophole in his pledge.

Either way, he should give the money back.

Scott Holupka, Dundalk

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