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Criticism of Ravens' owner is way off the mark

It must have been a slow news day at The Sun when the editors decided to publish an inane commentary by Todd M. Schoenberger (“Bisciotti doesn’t care what you think about Kaepernick,” Aug. 5). It is difficult to tell what upsets Mr. Schoenberger more, the price of a beer at M&T Stadium, jealousy of Steve Bisciotti’s business acumen, the concession deal the Ravens made when they came to Baltimore, or his disbelief that the owner of a sports franchise actually cares how that franchise is perceived.

I’m guessing that Mr. Shoenberger doesn’t know Mr. Bisciotti, but you wouldn’t know it by his firm conviction that Mr. Bisciotti lives to “fleece” our pocketbooks, strives to maintain a “mediocre” product on the field and doesn’t “care about the fans.” As a fan, I resent being called a “sucker” and a “fool,” and I’m pretty sure the fans of most NFL teams would love to have the history of the Ravens. Apparently, Mr. Bisciotti also exhibited his disdain for the community when the Ravens made a $1.5 million donation to Baltimore Renaissance Academy, made a major investment to rebuild the Western District police station, awarded youth football grants to 14 nonprofit programs in the state of Maryland and provided countless college scholarships to area high school seniors. Shame!

I’m also guessing that the $1.2 million concession revenue per game that Mr. Schoenberger estimates isn’t a major factor for a team that consistently goes right to the limit of the salary cap every year while lesser franchises get away with as little as possible. I would recommend a 32-pack of Natty Lite and a box of Royal Farms chicken if he feels his hot dog is too expensive. The rest of us seem to enjoy our game day experience and appreciate the efforts of the Ravens organization.

Mike Davey, Baltimore

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