Putin can undermine the next election, too

Vladimir Putin’s hi-tech Russian attack on our democracy is potentially more dangerous and destructive to the United States than the other sneak attack on December 7, 1941 (“Taking Putin’s word,” Nov. 13).

There’s no doubt about the identity or the motive of either attacker. Their purpose was to destroy and subjugate America. The important difference between the two foreign invasions is that the Japanese attack united Americans and the attack failed, the Russian attack succeeded and is dividing America. In both cases, the initial attacks were followed by continuous assaults and, unless U.S. retaliation against Russia is immediate, severe and effective in preventing on-going threats, our country faces a clear and imminent danger to our way of life.

To create doubt or ambiguity about Russia’s current actions or motives or to minimize them is a subversive deceit. It violates the presidential oath of office (to defend the nation and the U.S. Constitution from enemies foreign or domestic) and it is treason.

Dictator Putin is a KGB thug whose mission is to return his country to power by destroying American democracy and our global hegemony. Failure to understand and act on these facts is both stupid and dangerous.

Roger C. Kostmayer, Baltimore

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