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We must protect the birds

Dan Rodricks captured the joy of life with birds in his review of "Birds of Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia,” (“A new book about birds of Maryland arrives with spring and the reality of climate change,” Apr. 9). The Chesapeake Bay estuary, unique in it's beauty and biodiversity, is our back yard. His call to seek out our own special place in the outdoors to embrace and protect is music to my ears. Yes, each of us claiming “one piece of earth” to tend and protect could start to save the planet for the future generations. Like migrating birds we need the Amazon forests, the arctic waters, the coral reefs. We can move further north until there is no further north in which to move. The loss of bird habitat has lead to the rapid rise of extinction rates. Over 150 bird species never to be seen again. Will the Baltimore oriole be next?Supporting global efforts is necessary as we move to protect or small patch. 'Think global and act local' and then 'think local and act global' are both key. Supporting international treaties and measures like the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will help us help the birds.

Anne Mihalick

The writer is a member of Citizen's Climate Lobby

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