Sun lacks serious coverage of candidates

The Sun’s article on the strategies of Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial candidates is no use at all to voters (“Fewer TV ads, microtargeting: crowded race for Maryland governor candidates yields unusual strategies to win,” April 15).

I can't even remember the last time I saw The Baltimore Sun do serious coverage of what candidates stand for, how well developed their ideas are, and whether their records are consistent with their current claims, which is what people actually need to know. Instead, you give us superficial stories about strategy — it’s anti-democratic pseudo-journalism.

At this point, I take it as a given that the editor and publisher are opposed to the basic concept of informed voters and free elections. In addition to the governor's race, about which you have yet to provide useful information, there are legislative races with a number of districts in the greater Baltimore area you presumably serve, as well as conflicts over the shadowy workings of the Democratic Party, particularly in those districts which have seen too many officials appointed instead of elected.

All these topics are worthy of serious coverage, and none of them are getting it in The Sun. If you wonder why people are turning more to alternative media, look at your files.

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam, Baltimore

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