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Militarization of police sends wrong message

One of the many stunning images from Charlottesville was that of heavily-armed militia in combat attire (“Baltimore man among 3 more charged in Charlottesville, Va. white supremacist rally,” Aug. 27). Those images were not featured as prominently in American media and news organizations as the images of a torch-lit night march and the street violence the next day. But we should think very hard and very deeply about those images of armed militia in the midst of our city streets.

Is this how we want to see ourselves? Is this how we want our children and grandchildren to think about our country and what it stands for: that we are so brittle in our thinking (or in our arrogance about our "values" and "beliefs") that our preferred method of adjudicating our differences is by force? It doesn't really matter which “side” is bristling with firearms and attitude, the very thought of this should be abhorrent to all of us.

Bob Kline

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